Vacuum Sealing Food Packaging Machine

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Product information:  

Colour: Black
Working mode: key button
Rated voltage: AC220/50HZ
Rated power: 135W
Machine size: 380*75*55mm

Vacuum bags or foldable bags should be used for vacuum sealing.

Do not pour liquid into the bag, this is why it cannot work properly!

Do not vacuum seal sharp objects, such as water, otherwise it may pierce the plastic bag and cause air leakage after vacuuming

Some foods have a pungent smell and can be fermented, such as garlic, onions, ginger, peeled chestnuts, wet rice, and sliced and oxidized apples. If it is not dry, it will expand after vacuum!

For continuous vacuum and sealing operations, if the interval does not exceed 40S, the machine overheating protection will be triggered after 5 times. At this time, the LED flashes, but it does not work. Currently, you must wait 1 minute before you can use it again.

After the work is completed, the top cover should be opened to take out the plastic bag. Before opening the top cover, do not forcibly remove the plastic bag, otherwise the sealant and sealant will deform and move, which will damage the machine!

After heat sealing, do not touch the heating wire to avoid burns.

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